Welcome traveler! You’ve wandered into my humble forest of ideas!

I’m a researcher committed to imagining and re-imagining our relationship with technology. Integral to this work is a vision for “AI” where access, governance and use are made safe, equitable and sustainable. Many long roads lie ahead, but I doggedly believe better futures are possible.

In my current role as a fellow with xD @ The US Census Bureau I’m working on governance frameworks for operationalizing Responsible AI, improving the user experience of Model Cards for government use cases and developing new methods for auditing and assessing the impacts of algorithmic systems.

We’re in a science fiction novel now that we are all co-writing together. — Kim Stanley Robinson

After a decade spent working on multi-agent systems, reinforcement learning & game theory I have found value and insight by building reflexivity into my technical practice. For me, this has taken the form of short reflective essays.

Every story I create, creates me. I write to create myself. — Octavia E. Butler

I live on a farm in Washington State where I find constant inspiration from the diversity of life I’m grateful to be immersed in. Here are some paths you might follow to get to know more about me, my research and other interests:

If you’d like to chat my door is always open! The best way to reach me is: hi at mwalton dot me