Welcome traveler! You’ve wandered into my humble forest of ideas!

I am committed to researching and imagining AI technologies that deepen our understanding of ourselves and serve the public good. Integral to this work is a vision for AI where access, use and governance are safe, sustainable, and equitable. I doggedly believe a better collective future is possible.

In my current role as a fellow with xD @ The US Census Bureau our team is working on frameworks for responsible AI, experimenting with improving the user experience of Model Cards for government use cases and developing novel methods for algorithmic auditing using privacy enhancing technologies.

We’re in a science fiction novel now that we are all co-writing together. — Kim Stanley Robinson


Partially motivated by my prior work in multi-agent systems, reinforcement learning & game theory I’m also creatively exploring intelligent behavior in nature through the lens of artificial systems with short reflective essays. I live on a farm in Washington where I find constant inspiration from the diversity of life I’m grateful to be immersed in.

Here are some paths you might follow to get to know me, my research and interests: